byron arisonAfter more than 70 years working as a chemist and researcher, Dr. Byron Arison is still excited about his line of work. Right after earning a Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Michigan in 1943, he joined the team of scientists working on the Manhattan Project in 1944. Working at the Hanover, MA facilities, Dr. Arison was part of a group that installed uranium into a reactor which produced plutonium, one of the ingredients needed for an atomic bomb. After this work with the United States Army, Dr. Arison joined Merck as a research chemist, working at the company from 1947 to his retirement in 2004. At Merck, Dr. Arison was in charge of the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance facility. Despite the retirement, Dr. Arison has remained active. He consults for the company Steraloids, which produces steroids with a particular structure required by the customers. In Dr. Arison’s consultancy role, he examines structures with problems and determines what is wrong with it, as well as what needs to be changed in order for it to work.

On top of the Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry, Dr. Arison earned a Master of Science in organic chemistry from the Polytechnic Institute in 1951. He later continued his studies at the institution to receive a PhD in organic chemistry in 1967. Throughout his career, Dr. Arison has contributed to more than 200 articles in professional research journals. He holds more than 50 patents and has been on the board of trustees for the New Jersey Festival Orchestra since 2008. He also maintains affiliation with the American Chemical Society. He has given speeches at the Fellowship Residence Village, his local Kiwanis Club and an independent living facility regarding nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. In addition to his lifelong interest in and passion for science, Dr. Arison enjoys music, theater, photography and traveling. 

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